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Information on Irvine new construction homes for sale in Irvine, California.  Irvine has a lot of brand new communities with single family homes, condo and townhouses currently under construction.

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If you have spent anytime in Califonria in the last several years then you would see the boom in Eletric vehicles on the road.  The number of these types of cars will only increase as the race to 2035 when gas cars will be banned from selling in California.  I know I have spoken with car salesman at Mercedes Fletcher Jones in Newport Beach and they said they are really amping up their production of these electric cars which has become a primary focus for them.  Because of this large demand we are starting to also see a boom in ev chargers being installed in a home.  Having this located inside a home can be a huge selling feature especially for those who already own electric cars or plan to buy one.  

I was recently taking a client out to look at homes

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One of the newest condos to be built in the Central Park West community is the Lexington at Central Park condos.  If you have driven down Jamboree road off the 405 freeway you have noticed a lot of new construction happening at the corner of Jamboree Road and Michelson Drive.  These are new condos being built in the very popular Central Park West community.  I would estimate this is the last parcel of available land left in Central Park that has not yet been developed so this will probably be the last time you will be able to purchase brand new condos here.  There are currently two condo s on the market for sale here ranging from $798,463 to $813,990.

3205 Rivington is a one bedroom, one bath condo with the builder estimate of 1,278 square feet that is

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One of the best places to find Irvine new construction homes in Orange County can be found in the top communities of Orchard Hills, Portola Springs and Great Park neighborhoods.  There is no shortage for those wanting these new homes that often turn into investment properties for those who purchase them.  As as a result there is currently a good inventory of rental houses that have never been lived in and a perfect opportunity for those looking for a new home to lease out.  Some of the most expensive new homes can be found in the Orchard Hills community where homes nearly $3,000 are asking over $7,500 a month in rent. Slightly more affordable options can be found in the new homes being built in the Great Park community.  Look for communities like Solis

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One of the new and exciting brand new construction communities to come on the market is the Skylark at Solis Park neighborhood.  Located within the Great Park area of Irvine are brand new homes that are currently being built and slated for completion later this year.  The Solis Park community is home to several neighborhoods that include Skylark as well as the Daybreak neighborhood which are being advertised as starting in the low $1.8 million dollar range for homes between 2,730 to 3,223 square feet of living space.  

There is currently one listing in the Skylark community that is on the market for sale and listed at $1,574,990.  It features a total of four bedrooms with four bathrooms and an approximate 2,591 square feet of living space.  This a new

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One of the common features that is now starting to be sold with homes in Irvine are solar panels.  It was only a few years back when there was a limited number of properties being sold with panels but this is not the case anymore.  In fact, when the green movement moving full speed ahead many owners are looking to do their part in utilizing the many sunny days that we have here in Irvine to their advantage.  One thing that is still the same is that some buyers still don't understand what it means to buy a home with panels on it as there are a variety of situations that it can be transferred to the new buyer.  We will go over a few of these options here.

First, the most common way current homeowners have solar panels on their home is by leasing them.

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The Great Park area is arguably one of the best places to find a newer construction rental home in all of Irvine. If you are new to the Irvine area then you will quickly release that over the years there have been a lot of new neighborhoods being built at record paces with a lot of new construction inventory to choose from.  Now as the housing market is starting to cool off and higher interest rates going up we are seeing more of our clients to turn to renting a home rather than buying.  The Great Park area always has a wide selection of properties that were often built after 2015 which is very important to many renters in the Irvine area that tend to prefer newer construction properties more than any other area.  Over the past 5 months we have seen a

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If you ever get a chance to fly into the John Wayne Airport (SNA) is worth a try since it offers a more leisurely experience from the hustle and bustle of LAX airport.  The location is actually near some of the best condo buildings in the Irvine area and the airport has taken great measures to minimize the noise when taking off and landing here.  This area is also very popular with students going to UCI which saw a housing shortage this year causing many of our clients to look for rentals in this area.  One of the most affordable and popular places to live is the Watermarke condo building.  Real Estate prices are the driving factor with condo sales that still can be found in the $400,000 range with rental properties in the low $2,000 a month price point.

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One of the hottest homes on the market right now in Irvine are the residential condos commonly referred to as the Nova Flats.  If you have been looking for newer construction properties at really great price points.  The multi-level condos commonly in the upscale Great Park area of Irvine are often referred to as Novel Park that were built by a variety of homes builders like Taylor Morrison and William Lyon home builder.  Many of these were built between 2019 to 2020 and have a lot to offer with modern smart home features with two car garages.  The area is near the 133 freeway and Irvine Blvd making it an easy commutes to work with lots of walking and biking trails and local parks in the surrounding areas.  The best part about living here for families is

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One of the newest places to find brand new construction homes in the Irvine area is the Verenna neighborhood.  It's located in the prestigious Orchard Hills community which offers a guard gated entrance and some good values for those looking for newer homes in the area.  They started building these homes several years ago with four to five bedroom floor plans for buyers to choose from.  On average, these range from 2,503 to 2,766 square feet.  As you can imagine the demand for these homes is very busy since the Irvine Real Estate market has seen a spike in sales with very aggressive bidding on homes being listed for sale.

Orchard Hills offers a really great location that is near the 241 freeway with easy access to the 5 & 405 freeway for those

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If you haven't been living in Southern California you may not realize what the Irvine Real Estate market has done in the last 12 months.  It also started with many of the state of home orders hit Southern California and for the first time many Irvine owners had more time to spend in their homes.  As a result of this many started looking at things they wanted to improve or all together looking for another property that might offer more outdoor space, larger backyards, etc.  This was the start to a huge seller's market as buyers started to looking for homes in a big way shortly after the stay at home order.  If you have ever looked for a home in Irvine you know it can be hard to find since there are not a lot of choices to start with.  Combine this with an

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